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This PWYW version of You Like To Sleep Alone In Winter follows a druid as they wind down for the day. You will follow the game prompts and write little recollections of past large ritual gatherings, focus in on the things you like about being alone in your home, and end the game by reaching out to a friend in real life for a phone call right before bed. 

I was thinking about solitude and being by yourself for holiday seasons when there is a lot of stuff out there about gathering, family, group ritual, and ended up writing this gentle little game that I hope brings people some ease. This PWYW version only has the Druid's flow, but the complete version will also include a Ranger, a Paladin, and a Bard.

You might like this game if you are feeling lonely this season, if you like reflection, or if you are learning how to practice routinized self care.

Mood: reflective, quiet, peaceful, connected

Entails: writing and maybe sketching in a journal or on scrap paper, reaching out to a friend for a phone call, some indirect meditations on loneliness

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